Alzheimer's Awareness Month

January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month in Canada. Learn what that means and how you can get involved.

January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

What is Alzheimer's Awareness Month?

Each January, the Alzheimer Society supports and leads Canada's Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

During this month, we at the Society encourage organizations across Canada, and individuals like you, to learn more about dementia and its stark impact on Canadians.

Senior man hugging his wife from behind, who is sitting down and also smiling.

And while Alzheimer's Awareness Month may stop at the end of January, the experiences of people who live with dementia do not. As such, we ask you to take what you've learned during the month and continue to share it throughout the year.

By understanding what people living with dementia experience in their day-to-day-lives – their struggles, their successes and their hopes – together we can raise awareness of dementia throughout Canada.

Awareness is the first step to fighting stigma, reinforcing human rights and pushing for policy change, as well as other actions that can lift up Canadians living with dementia.

Please support Alzheimer's Awareness Month. It's an easy start to helping your fellow Canadians who are living with this serious disease.

For this year’s theme, we are pleased to announce a nation-wide campaign reminding people that the Alzheimer Society is the First Link® to Support, Knowledge and Community.

What is First Link®?

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When a person is diagnosed with dementia, the Alzheimer Society is the first place to turn – and First Link® is the connection to support, care, knowledge, expertise, and referrals. 

First Link® is the Alzheimer Society program offering approved services and information to those living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and caregivers. It encompasses the areas of Risk Reduction, Education, Living Well with the Disease, Community, Research, and Advocacy; an umbrella that brings together all aspects of the care and management of dementia in Canada. 

With more than half a million Canadians living with dementia today, a number expected to reach almost one million in 10 years, the Alzheimer Society is continuing to enhance its support amongst people living with dementia to meet their needs early in, and throughout, their journey.

The goal of First Link® is to ensure a user of the services has the right support and information, from the time of an initial diagnosis and throughout the progression of the disease.

  • By connecting with First Link®, a user will have access to all the services available in their local area.
  • There are a variety of different programs and services administered at the local level of societies across the country.
  • Such services include counselling support and a better understanding of the different healthcare options in a specific province and Society, Staff will provide the appropriate access to the right services during the different stages of the disease.

Five ways you can support Alzheimer’s Awareness in 2022

1. Support this year’s campaign 

Help us spread the word! You can download our Community Toolkit for this year’s Alzheimer Awareness Month, highlighting First Link®. It has all the information you need to support Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, including suggested text for posting about the campaign on social media and accompanying images.

First Link Community Toolkit (PDF)

Interested in helping us as a dementia ambassador and spreading awareness of First Link on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Please contact us at to get involved!

First Link<sup>®</sup> Community Toolkit - cover

The toolkit also provides a list of social media handles for all the provincial Alzheimer Societies in Canada, so you can follow and tag your Society’s social channels as well! Thank you for your support – the more visibility we have, the more people living with dementia we can reach.

2. Connect with your local Society

One of the central themes to this year’s campaign is Community. We encourage you to find out what's going on at your local Alzheimer Society, including how your Society is helping your community and how you can get involved.

Visit to get connected to your closest Society in a few short clicks!

3. Learn more about dementia

Another theme this year is Knowledge. Learning more about dementia through the Alzheimer Society’s many resources can, as one example, help someone identify the warning signs of dementia and get them an early diagnosis, leading to that person getting the help and support they need earlier.

A little learning can make all the difference in helping someone live as well with dementia as possible.

4. Listen to the stories of people with lived experience

The best way to understand the impact of dementia, and the need for further help and support, is to hear directly from people with lived experience of it.

Over the next little while, the Alzheimer Society will be publishing more stories from people living with dementia, caregivers and researchers alike. We encourage you to read and share them among people you know. Perhaps there is someone who will want to share their story as well!

5. Support our other initiatives to raise awareness

Learn more about these initiatives and others like it happening near you.

Stigma against dementia

Stigma is one of the biggest barriers for people living with dementia to live fully with dignity and respect. Help us fight stigma by learning more about its effects and taking steps to reduce its impact.

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Marilyn Taylor talking


Take a moment to hear the stories of people living with dementia, caregivers and families. You'll quickly see that it's not an "old person's disease." And it doesn't signal the end of a life. What's true is it happens in stages, but what is always constant is that there are still lives to be lived, dreams to pursue and people to love.

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My hope for the future is more care, compassion, and understanding.

Canada's national dementia strategy

On June 17, 2019, the Government of Canada released the country’s first-ever national dementia strategy: A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Aspire. On this page, learn more about the strategy, what it means for Canadians and why it needs to be fully funded.

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Your guide to Canada's national dementia strategy.

Dementia numbers in Canada

The Alzheimer Society is committed to providing accurate and reliable data on dementia in Canada. Statistics listed on this page are the most current available and are updated periodically when new reports and studies are issued.

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